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Alignment Team    USA

This aligner enables you to align trucks, semi trailers, and buses quickly and accurately.

Four high resolution cameras enable readings on up to four axles simultaneously, and the ability to align vehicles with even more axles.

WideScope technology allows the system to read over an extensive range of lengths and wheelbases.

Modern lightweight targets are easy and quick to mount on many styles of tire rims.

Specialized software for trucks, with shim assistance when setting rear axle thrust .

Perform alignments right on the floor using optional heavy duty turn plates with ramps. (Purchased Seperately - $1,558.00)

Please be aware that there may be a lead time on HD aligners, to guarantee a quality experience.


Ordering products or services through the Alignment Team USA online store, is only for purchases in the lower 48 U.S.A. Outside this area, you will need to order by phone.

Heavy Duty 3D Image Aligner
USD $ 21,553.00